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Yesterday, I was at work for--no really--thirteen hours.

And I am back there bright and early this morning.

As much as I appreciate overtime, if I can get this project even caught up, I am SO cutting out early today.

RPG meme.

Dec. 17th, 2007 04:35 pm
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An old meme, stolen from [ profile] ashkitty. As usual. I think this kind of thing was the reason I got an LJ in the first place, so I would stop borrowing [ profile] ryanashke's. Now he's never on LJ and I am. Mwahahahaha.

Gather all your RP journals, list the characters and any AU versions you RP. Open the post to the public so even lurkers can ask the muses questions. Respond with that RP account.

Adrian Pucey
Narcissa Malfoy
Draco Malfoy
Quatre Winner
Paul Stanton
Bright Abbott
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I so need to be in bed. I've stayed up too late reading [ profile] ashkitty's old angstridden GW fics and now [ profile] heir_of_l4 is very very loud. And really wants a Trowa.

Right. Bed.
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I have received three emails in a row having subjects that all ask, "Are you wanting a bigger penis?"

...are they trying to tell me something, here?
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Well. I finished it.

Initial thoughts, contains spoilers. Yes, for Deathly Hallows. There are other books now?  )

It is now well past my bedtime, but I think I will read a few parts over first. We gave in and got two copies this time, because neither [ profile] ryanashke or I was the least bit willing to wait until the other had finished before reading it.
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I spent the weekend catching up on Everwood episodes that [ profile] ashkitty dropped off at my house on Saturday and picked up again on Monday. I watched parts of the last two seasons, because the whole series would have been 69 hours of TV watching, and I didn't have that much time! I got kind of caught up in it though, and forgot to do some other things. It really is a good show.

Saturday is [ profile] ryanashke's birthday, and I have a surprise planned. (For obvious reasons I can't say here what it is.) I just had to say SOMETHING as am nearly overflowing with glee.

I need a few more icons.


Apr. 16th, 2007 10:13 pm
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Moving to lockdown.

In other news, I'm tired.
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Happy New Year, everyone. :)
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It is your responsibility to communicate your feelings.

The people around you, however much they love you, can only see what you allow them to. If you want something from them, you have to say as much, you have to let them know. Otherwise they're just tossing pebbles in a pond hoping a wish comes true...and so are you.

We make a lot of assumptions in life--about the world, about other people, about ourselves. It's easy to get caught up in them and forget that not everyone else will see things the same way. But the fact is, if you want something and you never ask for it, you have only yourself to blame. Ask and ye shall receive. I always used to get annoyed by that, when I was little, in Sunday School, because it was presumably about God, and if He already knows what you need, why do you have to ask? But like a lot of things from Sunday School, it's not really so much about us and God as it is about us and other people. And it's not really so bad to ask. Better that, than always wondering what would have been, or always hurting over things that were never said.

Even if you paint yourself colors, you may be the only one who sees them.
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Come on, warpmail. Any time now. Seriously.

Hm. I can have three more icons now. I should find some, or something.
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Ahhhh, lazy weekend. Spent yesterday reading The Persian Boy and writing an RPG app (yes, these things are related), and then went out for Indian food. Yummy, yummy. Have spent most of this morning sleeping, which is a lovely way to spend a Sunday morning, and am thinking of going to catch a matinee. I'm not sure what, nor do I especially care, it'll depend on if Ryan wants to see anything. It's very clear and nice today, though, it should probably be spent outside.

I have not had much to say, because life is pretty much just life. It's nice to live, but it gets boring when you write it down.


May. 29th, 2006 02:14 pm
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[ profile] oshun_anat! I know we have been v. lax in Incendio but it is nearly new year's, and the milennium at that, and there simply must be a party. Do you have any interest/input in planning such an event....?

[ profile] ashkitty, get to work! make something cool happen!
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So I wanted to make [ profile] pureblood_heir some new icons, because the old ones were a bit fuzzy, and it was a good excuse to go looking for hot Matt Damon pictures. I was going to only make three, but then I discovered there are an awful lot of hot Matt Damon pictures, so I had to buy him a paid account. My RPG characters have paid accounts and I don't. I'm such a dork.

The new position is going well so far. I'm sure I had something else to say, but I can't think of what it was. Oh well.

Got it!

Nov. 28th, 2005 04:52 pm
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Am now a Project Manager instead of an engineer. Comes with more creative control and a considerable raise. Soon as I'm not so tired, I'm sure I'll be very excited.

Going home now.
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Sorry for not being around much. I had a new project dumped in my lap, and I have a feeling it's a test, so I want to do very well on it so they promote me and give me more money. Yeah. That's pretty much it.

Especially as I keep spending mine. On frivolous things like saddle shoes and leather pants. I don't even know what I'm going to be for Halloween yet! Perhaps an anime character. One I already look like.

Right. Work. *dashes off* Really will try to do RPG things today, Ash, I promise!
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Has anybody else been having problems with AIM lately? I can't get it to keep me on, and sometimes it won't log on at all. Clearly it hates me and does not want me to chat. Hmph.

Have a big project coming up. Also our head sound guy is moving on to a new job, and I know I'm in the running for his, so I should probably concentrate on work. (If I take it, does it mean I've given up on dancing completely? Don't answer that.)

It's kind of a blah day.
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So we finished the trial business in [ profile] incendio_hp yesterday. That was fun. (There wasn't actually RP, but it meant I got to make up a lot of stuff and be lawyer-ish and play an NPC who I actually got a bit attached to. Also, Narcissa was one of the witnesses and got to snap at people for trying to involve Draco.) I've had Adrian poking about in my head a bit, but I don't really know what he ought to be doing.

In non-RPG news, I'm at work. No, wait, that's not news. It's not even interesting. It is cloudy. tells me it is 62 and feels like 62, but I don't really know, since I'm inside. My new goal in life is to have an office with a window.

And my boss just came in. I suppose I ought to look like I'm working, or something.
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Another day at work. We were promised projects today, but everyone's running late--you know those days, usually Mondays, when it just seems like everyone is so tired and unmotivated and not doing anything? Including me.

[ profile] moonlight69, were you going to post that log, or send it to me, or something? I know you're busy, so if you just email it to me I'll do something with it.

I think I'll go stalk the coffee machine for a while. Or see if I can make a run to Starbucks, as I'm unlikely to have anything to do till after noon.

Also, [ profile] raighne made my new icon, isn't it cool?
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...I have decided I need a proper layout. And a paid account.

And more icons.

Watch me actually do none of these things.
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Work is so boring. Boring, boring, boring. Nobody's here, there are no projects we can work on because we're still waiting on footage, there is no reason whatsoever for me to be here today. I could be home playing with [ profile] ryanashke instead of, well, posting here. Also, I'm hungry.

[ profile] moonlight69, do you happen to have our log from the other day? I apparently didn't save it. AIM is evil.

[ profile] ashkitty, RP later? Verity wants to meet Harry already; he's practically jumping up and down.
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