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And I bear a list! Sort of. A short list.

1. I will not be getting married in California, apparently. But I wasn't going to anyway, or would have already done it. Because fuck it, I'm already married, and I know this whether the government recognises it or not.

(Besides, I still delight a bit in getting to tell fundamentalists that I'm married, but only in the religious sense. They love that.)

2. My addiction, that is So You Think You Can Dance, has started up again! In case you missed it, there were two men doing ballroom together at an audition and it weirded the judges out. The judges took a knock in the respect department, there. There are times when dance works best from the entwined energies of male and female, it's a sort of yin-yang thing. But don't pretend that men and women actually ARE the energy as presented. And other times there are dances that are most beautiful when done by only women or only men. These two were good together. They went back and forth being leader or follower in this give-and-take of masculine energy that was pretty compelling. But the judges were 'weirded out' by that, and said things like 'one of you should have been the girl'. Look, that's stupid. That's missing the point entirely. Dancing isn't about boys and girls, we're just what the rhythm dresses up as.

3. There wasn't going to be a 3, but I feel a new need to point out that my cat is chewing on my hair.
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